Other Voices, Other Times by Joan Morris Reilly


The Other Side of Our Lady of Hope


Walter Urbanek 2008

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Jada Woods


Jim Malone

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Van Horn Park 1953 by Mary E. Long Franz

Thanks for the memories

Of kids at play

Each summer day:

Of small eye shining merrily

And faces smiling happily:

Gleeful shouts at each new game,

Friends they made with all who came

Of faces smudged with Dirt and Grime

And hands all painted iodine

Childhood pranks of little boys

Accompanied by oh-such-noise;

Fish and frogs that found their way

Into the pool on certain day.

Hectic games of Volleyball

Bathing beauties 3 feet tall

Checker sailboats floating by

Sand castles built to reach the sky

Pet shows , doll houses parades on bikes,

Peanut hunts and nature hikes;

Story hour beneath the trees

With voices dancing the breeze;

Of paint in jars and painted faces

And SORRY men found in the oddest places.

Of teacher patience letting go

Until a word said soft and low

Reminds that life is best the day

One learns to live the child’s way.

Thanks Again for all of these

And many other memories

Of my summers spent with Kids.